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Files and Handles
Half Round Files Half Round Files
Ideal for rounding out holes; can be used on concave, convex or flat surfaces.
Round Files Round Files
Primarily used to round out or enlarge circular openings or concave surfaces.
Mill Files - Single Cut Mill Files - Single Cut
Primarily used for sharpening saws, lathes, and tools.
Mill Files Mill Files
Parallel sides, two round edges.
Flat Files Flat Files
Tapered at the point for detail work.
Hand Files Hand Files
Features one uncut (safe) edge for filing up to corners.
Aluminum Files Aluminum Files
Features a fast-cutting tooth design that virtually eliminates clogging when used on soft metals.
Ignition Contact Point Files Ignition Contact Point Files
Widely used by auto mechanics for cleaning spark plugs and distributor points.
Square Files Square Files
Used for filing slots, keyways, square holes, and general surface filing.
Pillar Files Pillar Files
Features a rectangular cross section and one uncut (safe) edge.
Round Chain Saw Files Round Chain Saw Files
Designed for sharpening all chain saw teeth.
Farmers Own Files With Handle Farmers Own Files With Handle
Double-cut on one side for faster cutting, single-cut on the other for a slower, more precise cut.
Web Saw Files Web Saw Files
Specially suited for filing saws that have cutting teeth of less than a 60-degree angle.
Saw Files Saw Files
Used for sharpening teeth and filing gullets on a wide variety of saws.
Three Square Files Three Square Files
Primarily used by machinists for angles less than 90 degrees on corners, and filing cutters and taps.
Rotary Lawn Mower Files Rotary Lawn Mower Files
The ideal file for the homeowner. Used for sharpening lawn mower blades and other gardening tools such as shovels and hoes.
Warding Files Warding Files
Used for repairing and filing ward notches in locks and keys.
Knife Files Knife Files
Primarily used by tool and die makers on slots, keyways, and acute angles.
Lathe Files Lathe Files
Cut faster than regular mill files and leave a smoother finish
Curved Tooth Files Curved Tooth Files
Features curved contours across the file face for smoothing of curved metal surfaces.


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