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Non-Woven Pads
Industrial-Strength Hand Pads Industrial-Strength Hand Pads
Mercer's 6" x 9" non-woven hand pads are preferred industry-wide for a variety of applications.
Floor Maintenance Pads Floor Maintenance Pads
Mercer's floor maintenance pads are available in a wide variety of grades to give the floor maintenance professional the correct pad choice for the job.
Between Coats Finishing Pads Between Coats Finishing Pads
Before you move onto you next finish coat, use a Mercer between-coats finishing pad. It lightly scrapes the finish for a better "bite" on the next finish coat.
Edger Pads Edger Pads
Mercer's Edger Discs provides a cushioning effect between the machine and the sandscreen or double sided sanding discs. Designed to prevent gouging and provide a smooth and even finish. Its 1/4" thickness also helps prevent chattering of the machines.
Floor Pads for Squar Buff Floor Pads for Squar Buff
Squar buff users can get the same professional results with Mercer's floor pads for squar buff. Three color-coded grades are available for stripping, polishing, buffing or burnishing in both 12" x 18" and 12" x 24". Great for wood and ceramic tile floors.
Quick Change Surface Conditioning Discs Quick Change Surface Conditioning Discs
Mercer's quick change surface conditioning discs are perfect for gasket removal and all types of metal preparation and maintenance.


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