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Coated Abrasives
Sheets Sheets
Mercer's abrasive sheets are available in wide variety of grains, grits and backings to meet all your sanding needs.
Drywall Products Drywall Products
Mercer Abrasive offers the most complete drywall product line in the industry.
Sponges Sponges
Mercer's sponges, available in a variety of sizes, grits and styles.
Belts Belts
Mercer offers belts for a variety of popular industrial grade belt sanders in a full range of grits. If you can't find it on our list, we can make it on a special order basis or cut a belt to your exact specifications.
Discs - PSA Discs - PSA
Mercer's PSA discs are ideal for sanding a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal surfaces and painted areas.
Discs - Hook and Loop Discs - Hook and Loop
Mercer's Hook and Loop backed discs are ideal for sanding a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal and painted areas.
Cloth Discs Cloth Discs
Mercer's cloth backed general purpose PSA discs can be used on most materials.
Silicon Carbide Discs Silicon Carbide Discs
Mercer's silicon carbide waterproof discs can be used for sanding and polishing.
Fibre Discs Fibre Discs
Available in either aluminum oxide or premium zirconia, Mercer's resin fibre discs are used in many industries.
Backing Pads Backing Pads
Available in a variety of sizes that fit brand name machines.
Flap Discs Flap Discs
Available in aluminum oxide or premium zirconia in a variety of sizes, shapes and grits.
Flap Wheels Flap Wheels
Mercer's flap wheels are available mounted or with a center hole. Ideal for sanding, deburring and polishing.
Quick Change Discs Quick Change Discs
Mercer's quick change discs are an essential item for anyone who works with metal. Perfect for use with metal preparation and maintenance.
Non-Woven Pads Non-Woven Pads
Used and well-known in many industries, they can handle a variety of jobs. Mercer's non-woven pads are available in 7 different grades to choose from. All are color coded to help you pick the right one for the job.
Steel Wool Pads Steel Wool Pads
Available in 8 different grades, Mercer's steel wool hand pads can handle any tough jobs that require rust removal, polishing and buffing.
Shop Rolls Shop Rolls
Available in aluminum oxide or waterproof silicon carbide, Mercer's shop rolls can be used on all types of surfaces and shapes. 
Sandscreens Sandscreens
Mercer's sandscreens have a sharp, fast cutting grain. Available in a variety of sizes and grits.
Flooring Products Flooring Products
Mercer carries a large selection of flooring rolls, discs, screens, maintenance pads and sheets.
Automotive Products Automotive Products
Brown aluminum oxide and premium green aluminum oxide available in long board or paper discs in a variety of grits.
Accessories Accessories
From sander bags to abrasive belt cleaning sticks and everything in-between. Mercer's variety of coated abrasive accessories has what you need to help you with your project.


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